Fiery Selection

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Fiery Selection



This box is perfect for lovers of fiery chilli, spices and strong cheese.

 Inside you will find:

Snowdonia Black Bomber:  This cheese is strong and has a smooth, creamy and rich  flavour that flows across the palate leaving you with a moreish tang. Pasteurised cow's milk. Vegetarian.

Chilli and Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crackers:  These subtle chilli crackers are the perfect accompaniment to the Black Bomber cheese. Delightfully crispy.

Cotswold Cheese Company Hot Chilli Chutney:  Where do we start with this, hot, hot! This chutney really packs a punch and will leave your mouth tingling. 

Lapsnack Chilli Puffs:  These crispy puffed rice beauties are incredibly moreish. They are flavoured with delicious sweet chilli which will leave you wanting more.

Pickled Onions:  These are not your average pickled onions. Inside the sweet vinegar is a red chilli giving these onions a glorious subtle heat on the finish as well as a beautiful sweetness.

Blow Horn Spiced Up Cider:  We feel this new cider sensation is the perfect refreshment to your fiery box.