A Taste of the Cotswolds

  • A Taste of the Cotswolds

A Taste of the Cotswolds



A little taste of the Cotswolds in one box

Inside you will find,

250g Mini Rollright:  A soft cheese banded in spruce bark with flavours of crème fraiche, cured ham, and mustard seed, with a smoky, woodsy aroma. Rollright is made at King Stone Dairy, Manor Farm, Chedworth in Gloucestershire.  Pasteurised, Cow's Milk, Organic.

250g Ashcombe:   This beautiful cheese features a striking line of wood ash running through the centre and has flavours of melted butter and fresh hazelnuts. Ashcombe is made at King Stone Dairy, Manor Farm, Chedworth in Gloucestershire. Pastuerised Cow's Milk, Organic. Contains Lysozyme

250g Crump's Single Gloucester:  Single Gloucester is a PDO Cheese which can only be produced in Gloucestershire and whenever possible, the milk of the Gloucester breed of cow must be used. This farmhouse cheese is gentle and milky with a wonderful sharp freshness on the finish. Vegetarian, Unpasteurised, Cow's Milk.

Cerney Ash OR WindrushCerney Ash Mini is a full fat Valencay-type cheese made from a unique starter. The cheese is coated with an oak ash/sea salt mix from France. Fresh mild flavour cheese which develops into a deeper flavour as it ages. Raw Goat's Milk, Vegetarian.  Windrush Valley Goats Cheese:    Made in the Windrush Valley near Burford, by Richard & Renee Loveridge. Windrush is a soft & fresh hand ladled young cheese, with soft, delicate, mild, fresh & citrus flavours. Pasteurised, Goats Milk.

Chutney or Quince  from The Little Pickle range:   Made in the Cotswolds using fresh ingredients.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Sea Salt Crackers:  From the Fine Cheese Company on the edge of the Cotswolds, these crackers are the perfect accompaniment. Contains Wheat

***Please note*** In the event of a cheese not being in stock we will make a substitution with another similar cheese from the Cotswolds