The Christmas Cheeseboard Minefield. This is our selection..

It will come as no surprise that the best part of our Christmas Dinner will be the Cheeseboard (pigs in blankets aside).  So much to choose from, so where do you start?  you go traditional with a cheddar, soft and a blue or mix it up with a rind-washed, a Truffle or wine infused? Three, five or seven? Whatever you choose, it’s best to have a diverse board of mild through to full flavoured.

We go the whole whey!!.. So the cheeses we will have (if there’s any left after the Christmas madness) beginning with the mildest are..

Windrush Goat - soft, fresh, creamy with a lemony zing
Crump’s Single Gloucester with Black Truffle - mild and grassy with a subtle infusion of Truffle
Rollright - rind washed, wrapped in spruce bark, earthy, creamy with mushroom and meaty notes.  Based on a reblochon recipe
Brie de Meaux with Truffle and Creme Fraiche - totally decadent, it’s Christmas after all
Comté Extra Vieux - 18mth matured, dense and nutty, beautifully balanced alpine cheese
Colston Bassett Stilton - King of Stiltons, rich, creamy, full flavoured
Blu61 - Italian big flavoured blue, topped with cranberries and soaked in Barolo wine

Too much? Maybe, but if you have lots of people descending on you over the Christmas period a good tip to get the most out of your cheeses is to portion up in advance if you think you’ve got too much for one sitting.  Then re wrap the remainder in wax paper and bring out for the next day’s celebrations.  Stops your cheese looking like a dogs dinner!

If you read my first blog, you’ll remember I made Single Gloucester with Truffle back in September,  Today, I went back to taste and pick up.  I have been like an expectant mother, desperately hoping all will be well.  Jonathan and I tasted one this morning and oh my gosh....AMAZING!  First was the gentle aroma, then the colour, so pretty and speckled with truffle, then the flavour,  the mellowness of the cheese mingled beautifully with the subtlety of the truffle. 

Smiles all round...we were both pretty chuffed!!

That’s it for 2017.. Merry Christmas everyone, eat cheese and be happy!!