Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake

  • Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake
Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake

Snowshill Cheese Wedding Cake



The ultimate wedding cake for those with a savoury tooth. Our Snowshill wedding cheese cake combines creamy full flavours, buttery textures and earthy mushrooms tones to produce a stunning alternative wedding cake. 

Feeds approximately 150 - 200 people

Cornish Yarg (Cows, Pasteurised, Vegetarian)
The Cornish Yarg cheese is pressed, brined and then wrapped in frozen nettle leaves. As the cheese matures, these edible nettles impart a delicate, slightly mushroomy taste. The final product has an attractive, lacy pattern of leaves in blue and green, giving the finished cheese a very unique appearance.

Ossau - Iraty (Pasteurised, Ewe's Milk)
Ossau Iraty is a traditional, semi-soft cheese made from sheep's milk. It comes from a very specific area in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Full of a delicious, nutty, robust taste, it is produced from the milk of Manech ewes during the period from June to September, when the herds move up to the high mountain meadows.

Colston Bassett Stilton (Vegetarian, Pasteurised, Cow's Milk) 
The perfect Stilton from Colston Bassett should be a rich cream colour cheese with blue veining spread throughout. The texture of the cheese is smooth and creamy with a mellow flavour and no sharp acidic taste from the blue.  Melt in the mouth perfection is what Colston Bassett delivers. 

Spenwood (Vegetarian, Unpasteurised, Ewe's Milk)
Named after the Berkshire village where it originated, Spencers Wood. Spenwood is a hard-pressed cheese made from unpasteurised ewe’s milk, and is fully matured for six months with a natural rind. It has a well-developed nutty flavour but kept longer it becomes harder and more piquant. 

Waterloo (Unpasteurised, Cow's Milk)
Waterloo is a mild, semi-soft Guernsey milk cheese with a buttery flavour , made using a wash curd method which dilutes the acidity to achieve a soft, gentle flavour. Its distinctive yellow colour is due to the natural carotene in the unpasteurised Guernsey milk which comes from a single herd of pedigree Guernsey cows near Henley on Thames.

Merry Wife (Pasteurised, Vegetarian)
An award-winning washed-rind cheese made with Wyfe of Bath curds which are pressed and then washed in cider every other day for four weeks (hence the name ‘Merry’ Wyfe!).  This cheese has a distinctive pungent orange (edible) rind and a rich, creamy texture. 

Lilly (Unpasteurised, Goat's Milk, Vegetarian)
The lovely Lilly is a classically mild and creamy unpasteurised goat cheese. This brie-style cheese has a bloomy rind that is vibrant white in colour. Artisan goat cheese at its best, created in Somerset.

Katherine (Unpasteurised, Goat's Milk)
A raw milk version of Rachel, made with animal rennet and washed in Somerset Cider Brandy. Katherine is an artisan goat cheese with a slightly softer texture than Rachel. She has a stronger, more complex flavour and ‘farmy’ undertones.