It's Gin O'Clock!

  • It's Gin O'Clock!

It's Gin O'Clock!



Love gin? So do we!  Which is why we have put together this Gin-tastic box!

We've got boozy berries for you to enjoy with carefully selected gins and even Gin Jam to add that extra sweetness! So however you gin, we have you covered with this amaze-gin box. 


Pinkster~Boozy Berries 300g:   These lucky little blighters have lived the life of riley. Infused with Pinksters Gin, they're now wonderfully inebriated and at your service for dipping in chocolate, creating a sorbet, or whatever else tickles your fancy. Ingredients: Raspberries, Pinkster Gin. 28% ABV

Pinkster~Gin Jam 42g:   Gin soaked raspberry jam, perfect for putting the tipple in your teatime. Ingredients: Sugar, raspberries (50%), Pinkster Gin (5%). 2.5% ABV

Pinkster Gin 5cl:  The original pink gin, made with real raspberries, that’s been titillating taste buds since 2013. 37.5% ABV

Cotswolds Dry Gin 5cl:   Hand-crafted in small batches to create a smooth London dry style gin with a Cotswolds twist. 46% ABV

Shakespeare Distillery~Elderflower & Quince Gin 5cl:  A standout, full-strength, fruit gin combining the familiarity of apple and elderflower with a Tudor twist of the stunning quince fruit. 40% ABV

Spirit Of Ilmington~Cherry & Almond Gin Liqueur 10cl:    Dry gin with apple spirit, cherries from the Vale of Evesham and natural almond flavour. Produced in the Cotswolds. 25%ABV