Autumn Cheese Selection

  • Autumn Cheese Selection

Autumn Cheese Selection



*** Please Note ***  We may substitute to a similar cheese if one is unavailable.

As the weather begins to change and the nights draw back in, what better way to spend those evenings, than with our Autumn Cheese Board collection.

We have handpicked the very best cheeses and accompaniments that capture and compliment the flavours of Autumn.

250g Cornish Mature Gouda ~ Think of aromas like butterscotch, caramel and sweet  toffee with an intense taste and crystallization, this cheese is full of flavour and a must for any Autumn cheese board.   Pasteurised Cow's Milk

250g Gruyére ~ A rich nuttiness and sweet caramel notes make up the complex flavours of this 12 month Gruyére. We know you will agree that it belongs on this board.   Raw Cow's Milk

250g Merry Wyfe ~ Washed in cider (which is made from organic apples) every other day for 4 weeks, this cheese has a distinctive pungent orange (edible) rind and a rich, creamy texture.   Pasteurised Cows Milk, Vegetarian

250g Mini Baron Bigod ~ This English Brie is a real delight and cracking addition to our Autumn Cheese Board. It has a smooth silky texture and golden curd, with long lasting warmth, farmyard and mushroom flavours.   Pasteurised Cow's Milk

250g Bath Organic Blue ~ A classic blue veined cheese made from organic milk.  Has a beautifully creamy taste and was supreme champion in 2014 at the World Cheese Awards. A real winner on this board too.   Organic, Pasteurised Cow's Milk

200g Global Harvest Caramelised Apple ~ Think Autumn, think apples. This new alternative to relish or chutney is the perfect accompaniment.

150g Heritage Wheat Rounds ~ All-Butter Wheat Rounds. Delicious whole wheat crackers. Especially good with our cheese collection.   Contains:  Wheat, Milk, Barley, Soya